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Gold / USD Price

US Dollar

US Dollar1,489.6910/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / EUR Price


Euro1,340.0810/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / GBP Price

British Pound

British Pound1,163.4410/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / RUB Price

Russian Ruble

Russian Ruble95,32510/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / JPY Price

Japanese Yen

Japanese Yen161,99110/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / CAD Price

Canadian Dollar

Canadian Dollar1,960.1910/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / AUD Price

Australian Dollar

Australian Dollar2,183.4610/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / ALL Price

Albanian Lek

Albanian Lek165,80810/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / DZD Price

Algerian Dinar

Algerian Dinar178,26310/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / AOA Price

Angolan Kwanza

Angolan Kwanza631,45410/16/19 3:03 PM UTC
Gold / ARS Price

Argentine Peso

Argentine Peso86,04210/17/19 12:59 PM UTC
Gold / AZN Price

Azerbaijani Manat

Azerbaijani Manat2,532.4110/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / BSD Price

Bahamian Dollar

Bahamian Dollar1,488.5610/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / BHD Price

Bahraini Dinar

Bahraini Dinar561.4910/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / BDT Price

Bangladeshi Taka

Bangladeshi Taka126,12910/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / BBD Price

Barbados Dollar

Barbados Dollar2,979.3710/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / BYN Price

Belarusian Ruble

Belarusian Ruble3,035.4110/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / BZD Price

Belize Dollar

Belize Dollar3,000.4510/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / BMD Price

Bermudian Dollar

Bermudian Dollar1,489.2410/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / BOB Price

Bolivian Boliviano

Bolivian Boliviano10,29310/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / BAM Price

Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka

Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka2,620.9710/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / BWP Price

Botswana Pula

Botswana Pula16,24010/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / BRL Price

Brazilian Real

Brazilian Real6,174.9510/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / BND Price

Brunei Dollar

Brunei Dollar2,032.9010/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / BGN Price

Bulgarian Lev

Bulgarian Lev2,621.1910/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / BIF Price

Burundi Franc

Burundi Franc2,754,03610/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / KHR Price

Cambodian Riel

Cambodian Riel6,055,14510/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / CVE Price

Cape Verde Escudo

Cape Verde Escudo147,76410/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / KYD Price

Cayman Islands Dollar

Cayman Islands Dollar1,221.5410/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / XOF Price


CFA BCEAO Franc879,03410/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / XAF Price


CFA BEAC Franc879,03410/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / XPF Price

CFP Franc

CFP Franc159,81810/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / CLP Price

Chilean Peso

Chilean Peso1,067,51010/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / CNY Price

Chinese Yuan Renminbi

Chinese Yuan Renminbi10,53910/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / COP Price

Colombian Peso

Colombian Peso5,148,98410/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / CRC Price

Costa Rican Colon

Costa Rican Colon864,95410/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / HRK Price

Croatian Kuna

Croatian Kuna9,971.6610/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / CUP Price

Cuban Peso

Cuban Peso1,488.1610/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / CZK Price

Czech Koruna

Czech Koruna34,41710/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / DKK Price

Danish Krone

Danish Krone10,01110/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / DJF Price

Djibouti Franc

Djibouti Franc265,12110/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / DOP Price

Dominican Peso

Dominican Peso78,58610/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / XCD Price

East Caribbean Dollar

East Caribbean Dollar4,026.1610/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / EGP Price

Egyptian Pound

Egyptian Pound24,21810/17/19 1:03 PM UTC
Gold / ETB Price

Ethiopian Birr

Ethiopian Birr43,71610/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / FJD Price

Fiji Dollar

Fiji Dollar3,277.7010/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / GMD Price

Gambian Dalasi

Gambian Dalasi75,60010/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / GEL Price

Georgian Lari

Georgian Lari4,430.6610/17/19 12:56 PM UTC
Gold / GHS Price

Ghanaian Cedi

Ghanaian Cedi8,071.5610/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / GTQ Price

Guatemalan Quetzal

Guatemalan Quetzal11,56410/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / GNF Price

Guiniea Franc

Guiniea Franc13,778,95610/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / HTG Price

Haitian Gourde

Haitian Gourde142,46510/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / HNL Price

Honduran Lempira

Honduran Lempira36,66710/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / HKD Price

Hong Kong Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar11,68510/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / HUF Price

Hungarian Forint

Hungarian Forint444,44910/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / ISK Price

Iceland Krona

Iceland Krona185,60110/17/19 11:30 AM UTC
Gold / INR Price

Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee106,00010/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / IDR Price

Indonesian Rupiah

Indonesian Rupiah21,069,33310/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / IQD Price

Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar1,777,82910/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / ILS Price

Israeli New Shekel

Israeli New Shekel5,273.2110/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / JMD Price

Jamaican Dollar

Jamaican Dollar199,55410/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / JOD Price

Jordanian Dinar

Jordanian Dinar1,055.9810/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / KZT Price

Kazakhstan Tenge

Kazakhstan Tenge581,05810/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / KES Price

Kenyan Shilling

Kenyan Shilling154,52410/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / KRW Price

Korean Won

Korean Won1,756,14610/17/19 1:03 PM UTC
Gold / KWD Price

Kuwaiti Dinar

Kuwaiti Dinar452.0910/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / LAK Price

Lao Kip

Lao Kip13,135,58510/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / LBP Price

Lebanese Pound

Lebanese Pound2,252,00210/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / LSL Price

Lesotho Loti

Lesotho Loti22,09810/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / LYD Price

Libyan Dinar

Libyan Dinar2,096.6910/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / MOP Price

Macau Pataca

Macau Pataca12,03310/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / MKD Price

Macedonia Denar

Macedonia Denar82,39510/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / MWK Price

Malawi Kwacha

Malawi Kwacha1,093,85410/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / MYR Price

Malaysian Ringgit

Malaysian Ringgit6,225.6010/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / MUR Price

Mauritius Rupee

Mauritius Rupee54,28710/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / MXN Price

Mexican Peso

Mexican Peso28,54110/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / MDL Price

Moldovan Leu

Moldovan Leu25,87110/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / MAD Price

Moroccan Dirham

Moroccan Dirham14,31110/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / MMK Price

Myanmar Kyat

Myanmar Kyat2,282,95810/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / NAD Price

Namibian Dollar

Namibian Dollar22,09810/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / NPR Price

Nepalese Rupee

Nepalese Rupee169,61510/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / ANG Price

Netherlands Antillian Guilder

Netherlands Antillian Guilder2,612.3810/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / NZD Price

New Zealand Dollar

New Zealand Dollar2,352.1210/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / NIO Price

Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro

Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro50,00010/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / NGN Price

Nigerian Naira

Nigerian Naira539,46210/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / NOK Price

Norwegian Krone

Norwegian Krone13,64710/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / OMR Price

Omani Rial

Omani Rial573.4110/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / PKR Price

Pakistan Rupee

Pakistan Rupee231,93410/17/19 12:55 PM UTC
Gold / PAB Price

Panamanian Balboa

Panamanian Balboa1,488.5710/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / PYG Price

Paraguay Guarani

Paraguay Guarani9,633,28910/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / PEN Price

Peruvian Sol

Peruvian Sol5,006.6710/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / PHP Price

Philippine Peso

Philippine Peso76,41910/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / PLN Price

Polish Zloty

Polish Zloty5,741.6210/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / QAR Price

Qatari Rial

Qatari Rial5,422.2310/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / RON Price

Romanian Leu

Romanian Leu6,372.2110/17/19 1:02 PM UTC
Gold / RWF Price

Rwanda Franc

Rwanda Franc1,379,12910/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / SAR Price

Saudi Riyal

Saudi Riyal5,589.3310/17/19 1:00 PM UTC
Gold / RSD Price

Serbian Dinar

Serbian Dinar157,62510/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / SCR Price

Seychelles Rupee

Seychelles Rupee20,41910/17/19 12:59 PM UTC
Gold / SGD Price

Singapore Dollar

Singapore Dollar2,033.2710/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / SOS Price

Somali Shilling

Somali Shilling861,53710/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / ZAR Price

South African Rand

South African Rand22,10310/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / LKR Price

Sri Lanka Rupee

Sri Lanka Rupee271,03610/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / SDG Price

Sudanese Pound

Sudanese Pound67,18210/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / SZL Price

Swaziland Lilangeni

Swaziland Lilangeni22,09810/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / SEK Price

Swedish Krona

Swedish Krona14,47010/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / CHF Price

Swiss Franc

Swiss Franc1,473.0910/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / TWD Price

Taiwan Dollar

Taiwan Dollar45,59210/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / TZS Price

Tanzanian Shilling

Tanzanian Shilling3,425,18710/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / THB Price

Thai Baht

Thai Baht45,15110/17/19 12:59 PM UTC
Gold / TTD Price

Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

Trinidad and Tobago Dollar10,10210/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / TND Price

Tunisian Dinar

Tunisian Dinar4,213.0710/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / TRY Price

Turkish Lira

Turkish Lira8,780.9810/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / TMT Price

Turkmenistan Manat

Turkmenistan Manat5,213.8010/17/19 1:04 PM UTC
Gold / UGX Price

Uganda Shilling

Uganda Shilling5,495,12610/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / UAH Price

Ukraine Hryvnia

Ukraine Hryvnia36,90510/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / AED Price

United Arab Emirates Dirham

United Arab Emirates Dirham5,470.6010/17/19 12:45 PM UTC
Gold / UYU Price

Uruguay Peso

Uruguay Peso55,58510/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / UZS Price

Uzbekistan Som

Uzbekistan Som14,058,13510/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / VES Price

Venezuelan Bolivar

Venezuelan Bolivar28,195,26810/17/19 12:55 PM UTC
Gold / VND Price

Vietnamese Dong

Vietnamese Dong34,560,62810/17/19 11:04 AM UTC
Gold / YER Price

Yemeni Rial

Yemeni Rial372,88710/17/19 1:04 PM UTC

10/17/19 1:04 PM UTC

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